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new life in Aracaju !

Nov 2011: the third Birthday at the "casa do Matia"...

he did not want to jump, but all the neighbours wanted, so it was a busy afternoon! Here a full page of pictures


everybody in this road has a bicycle - still, its easy to see 2,3,4,5 persons on the same one !na Bicicleta com Matthias
















Friendship with the monkeys


Mai 2011: Icaue lives a whole week with "Matia"...

...in the new little house, and all worked, he went to school on time with all he needed, ate well, and when he felt the lack of mamae, he talked to her on the phone... all three learned that it also works like this!


April 2011: Matthias also moves to Aracaju !

Icaue does not know that he is "pai" but only calls him "Matia" and loves "carro de Matia" now also "casa de Matia"! There is plenty sand, stones, tiles and shells to play and sheep, pirou, monkeys, frogs, libellulas, insects,,, not only arround the house but trying to get in... some scare him, but all are fascinating for Icaue!

Here a little video about the surrounding of the new flat, train and river very close...

31. Jan 1011: 1. day in the new school!













29. Jan 1011: moving to Aracaju !

Salvador is too nervous, dangerous and crowded. And we do not enjoy so much all the parties the throw.... Aracaju is cleaner, simpler, newer (planned 150 years ago!), cheaper... clients are treated as such, more confidence- 5 times smaller. 4 h is not so far from Salvador, all other options are much further away and here the family can afford a ticked every now and then. Dani found a nice flat at the 3. visit! Here you see the house on the map, zoom out and see the unique situation next to nature and the new center (shopping, hospital...)!