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Icauê Andrade Grob was born November 17. 2008 9:10AM !

...with 51cm and 3,6kg! We thank the universe that he could come free in the most natural way, in a special pool called Bassine in our living room, under the peacful live music of Danilo and Matthias and some of the most magic loop recordings...
Phantastic, but not seemless at all, a miracle of nature, but full of doubts and pain, though peace and faith and curiosity never left space for panic!
Icaue 40min

isn't he neat? only 40min old!

The long fingers of grand mother Trudy, and traces of the african grangrand mother Maria Faustina....
it looks like the eyes are going to be blue... Mendel simplified ;-)

here you find pictures of the birth in water

here you find pictures of his room, his equipment..., hand painted by Beto and Nilzete...







We thank:
Dr. Marilena, who watched the pragnancy and arrived at 5am for a 4 h process of birth and repairs on the sofa...
nurse Nilzete a Danilo a Daily for the support
artist Beto Bahia and Nilzete for decoration of Icaues room.
brasilian god fathers Celina and Rodrigo
swiss good fathers Doris und Eric
dancer Ana-Rita for physio-instructions
spiritual circle Estrela de Salomao
the ancestors for spontaneous wisdom
the whole fan club of Icauê for the power !

you wonder how to say his name?
its almost sung, since the first and the last letter are equally accentuated. Just imagine the flow from
I the input on top, instpiration, intuition, instinct, instant, improvisation...
C the crack, the neck with the blade, where a vibration starts: resitance = process!
A the center,
U the unknown, unconscious, unpredictable...
E the event, exit, export!, eruption, expression, emission - the effekt.

have fun, Ica!