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Curriculum Facial Matthias a funny sequence of portraits since daddy's birth, to compare:-)

17. Nov. 2008: Birth

December 2008: Mesversario (Birthday after a month, a breakfast...)

Jan/Feb 2009: first trips to Diogo and Imbassai...

March - May 2009: visit of FC and first meat from the dish...

June - September 2009: in the new flat

First Birthday

The big party Nov 14, 2009:
Making of
Icaues Friends
The small party Nov 17, 2009:
The Presents
The children party Nov 21, 2009:
Love in the school of aunt Rita


December / April 2010: mounting and finally using the 3 wheel bicycle

17. May 2010: a little party in a Chinese restaurant with a fish pool (semiversario is my invention)

January - July 2011